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Gas Prices Rising? What If You Could Run Your Car On Water? 

Convert your car to use water and  increase milage by up to %40! You can now save hundreds of dollars a month! It's easy to make your gas car, diesel car or SUV a water fuel car. You will be using a DIY water fuel cell that you can make yourself for less than $100. Our top water car solution is Water4Gas. It's the most comprehensive step-by-step guide that was tested and tweaked for years to produce the best results. Using cheap and easy to find components, thousands of customers already used this system to convert their car to run on water .It's totally GUARANTEED to lower your MPG! Take it to a test drive now...

"We've reviewed every major "Convert your car to run on water" system on the market, and the Water4Gas guide is definitely the most effective, most tested course we have seen, and is guaranteed to give you results. They also don't make any bogus claims, just give you the facts as they are."

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Run Your Car On Water

Gas prices are a subject of much disdain around the water cooler in today’s culture.  There seems to be no help in sight. However, some people have heard stories of being able to run your car on water Water? That’s correct…water. It may seem too good to be true when you first hear it. Is there really any merit to this claim?

Well there are several products on the market that claim to do this.  However, most of these don't run entirely on water. You’ll still have to buy gas for your car as much as you don’t want to. What these systems actually do is electrolyze a small amount of water which is then converted into hydrogen and oxygen. The gases are then pumped into the manifold of the car. This helps to burn the fuel cleaner which in turn helps you use less gasoline.  Last time I checked, burning less gasoline was a very good thing.

Does this technology really work? According to many different websites of products it does.  In reality, the results have been mixed at best. Some claim that they are saving hundreds of dollars per month while others are angry.  There are many scams out there that claim to have the solution to the gas problem, only to find that they’re just lying. The only solution they have is to rip people off and maybe they can afford their own gas.  While this isn’t the news that many people hope to hear, there are products out there that are a rip-off. 

While many products are not as great as they claim, there are a few products out there that seem to be getting good reviews  When trying to decide if these water devices are worth it, do your homework. Research each potential purchase with care. You don’t want to be stuck with some useless hoses and a jar that doesn’t do anything. The best, most detailed guide we found about converting your car to use water, is the water4gas guide.

Some products that you might buy, expecting to receive a kit is actually just an e-book that tells you what to do.  While this might not actually be a scam, you might have been expecting more. One such product tells you what you need and where to buy it. Then it gives step by step instructions on how to install it in your car.  Be sure that you’re getting easy to read instructions before you buy anything. Check with people who have actually used them. The last thing you want is to spend $100 on an e-book and then not be able to actually install the water kit.

Overall, using water for gas isn’t quite as dramatic as it might seem. You’re still using gasoline to power your car. The water simply helps with fuel economy. By no means is this a bad thing, just don’t get your hopes too high just yet.  You still have to give the oil companies your money for the foreseeable future. Maybe you can avoid giving them as much as you have been though.

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