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Gas Prices Rising? What If You Could Run Your Car On Water? 

Convert your car to use water and  increase milage by up to %40! You can now save hundreds of dollars a month! It's easy to make your gas car, diesel car or SUV a water fuel car. You will be using a DIY water fuel cell that you can make yourself for less than $100. Our top water car solution is Water4Gas. It's the most comprehensive step-by-step guide that was tested and tweaked for years to produce the best results. Using cheap and easy to find components, thousands of customers already used this system to convert their car to run on water .It's totally GUARANTEED to lower your MPG! Take it to a test drive now...

"We've reviewed every major "Convert your car to run on water" system on the market, and the Water4Gas guide is definitely the most effective, most tested course we have seen, and is guaranteed to give you results. They also don't make any bogus claims, just give you the facts as they are."

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Reduce Fuel Consumption

During this environment of ever increasing fuel prices, it seems that everyone short of those who have more money than they know what to do with are wondering how they will survive with present fuel prices rising and no end in sight.  Suddenly, increasing fuel economy has become a top priority amongst commuters and just amongst the population in general.  With hybrid vehicle outside of the afford ability range for many of us, it seems that fuel saving techniques are in high demand.  If you would like to save as much of your preciously expensive fuel as possible, here are a few tips that may help you get more bang for your ever depreciating dollar.

Before addressing the more radical options for saving fuel, we will address the obvious and easily adopted techniques first.  The first of the obvious ways to decrease your total fuel consumption is to limit your use of your automobile to absolute necessities.  This does not mean you have to deprive yourself of the comfort of your car completely, rather it means that if you are firing up your automobile to go a couple of miles down the road to your local grocer or convenience store, you should consider bicycling or even walking.  Not only will you save fuel, but you will become more healthy while you are at it.  Another option is buying in bulk to save on trips to those shops that are further out of the way.

Another easily adopted principal to reduce fuel consumption is minimizing the amount of time you spend idling.  When you are idling, you are achieving zero mpg, which is obviously counter productive to fuel economy.  If you find yourself stopped and you feel it will be more than a minute, you can actually save gas by just turning off the engine.  It takes approximately 10 seconds worth of idling to equal the amount of gas required to start a car, so in theory idling any time over 10 seconds is counter productive.

A great technique for increasing fuel economy is by decreasing the amount of dead weight in your vehicle.  Dead weight can be anything that isn't necessary for your daily needs, like a junk in the trunk or under the seats.  All these items can be removed and stored in your garage or house.

There are a few driving techniques that can help you save gas if you keep them in mind.  One is to coast as much as possible.  Instead of accelerating and breaking constantly, attempt to increase the distance between you and the car in front of you so you can coast to a stop whenever possible instead of using the breaks to dissipate your extra momentum.  On top of this is the idea that you should always accelerate nice and steady, as opposed to attempting to accelerate too fast or too slow.  When you use the optimal acceleration speed, the engine requires less fuel than if you were to push the metal to the metal, for example.

Another great habit to adopt to improve your gas mileage is increasing the aerodynamics of your vehicle as much as possible.  This means keeping the windows up as often as possible, especially when at cruising or highway speeds.  Along with this idea is the fact that at highway speeds it may be a better idea to turn on the air conditioning as opposed to rolling the windows down if the temperature within the car is unbearably hot.  When cruising at lower speeds, it is usually more efficient to roll down the windows as opposed to using the air conditioning.

Some final concerns when attempting to attain better fuel consumption are maintenance issues.  You should always make sure your air filter is clean, and replace it if it isn't.  Along with a clean air filter, fully inflated tires can pay significant dividends when you are trying to travel the furthest on a given amount of gas.  Not to mention the fact that fully inflated tires are typically safer on the road.

While these tips may not increase your efficiency to that of a hybrid vehicle, you will still save a substantial amount of fuel and money if you are willing to adopt them.  Considering it will not cost you anything to adopt these techniques, you have nothing to lose except a bit of convenience.

It's east to get started right nowon reducing your fuel consumption. Simply convert your car to use water in addition to fuel. The water4gas guide gives out specific and tested instructions on how to convert your car to use the power of water and icrease your mileage by as mich as %40! Read all about it here.

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