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Gas Prices Rising? What If You Could Run Your Car On Water? 

Convert your car to use water and  increase milage by up to %40! You can now save hundreds of dollars a month! It's easy to make your gas car, diesel car or SUV a water fuel car. You will be using a DIY water fuel cell that you can make yourself for less than $100. Our top water car solution is Water4Gas. It's the most comprehensive step-by-step guide that was tested and tweaked for years to produce the best results. Using cheap and easy to find components, thousands of customers already used this system to convert their car to run on water .It's totally GUARANTEED to lower your MPG! Take it to a test drive now...

"We've reviewed every major "Convert your car to run on water" system on the market, and the Water4Gas guide is definitely the most effective, most tested course we have seen, and is guaranteed to give you results. They also don't make any bogus claims, just give you the facts as they are."

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Half Water Half Gas

Global warming is a hot topic in today’s news and more and more people are trying to find ways to minimize their global footprint.  By recycling more, reusing products before trashing them and minimizing the use of fossil fuels, people are looking for ways to help the environmental state from worsening.  Fuels in general have become a hot topic as gasoline prices rise and people want to use less of it for environmental and financial reasons.  As new technologies are produced we come closer to a method which will allow gasoline to be removed as the fuel that is highest in demand.

There is now a technology which allows for the gasoline that has to be used in a car to be utilized more effectively than ever before.  Half Water Half Gas provides the means for any car owner to convert their car to use gas and water as a fuel source.  This does not get rid of gas completely but rather increases the efficiency of the gas in a car by as much as 100%.  This technology has been successfully tested and proven to work on actual vehicles, from small petrol engine cars to pick up trucks running on diesel.

Half Water Half Gas provides guides that can be used to learn how to upgrade your car to use gas in the most efficient manner known today.  The guide provides the list of materials you will need to purchase and how to install them into your car.  Installation of the materials is easy and costs approximately $150.  The conversion takes water and electricity to produce a water based gas named hydroxy, or simply HHO.  Hydroxy is then used in a chemical reaction to utilize gasoline at a much higher potential than without the conversion.  The chemical process is further explained in the guidelines.

For the environmental activist this is the perfect way to make a statement.  The majority of cars that have this system in place are in California but many others are scattered throughout other areas.  The conversion process is easy to follow with the guidelines’ diagrams and photographs depicting how and where to install the system.  In case you decide to uninstall the system, a review of how to remove the conversion kit is also provided with diagrams for reference.  The process can be completed in less than a day but could take longer for those with no experience mechanically or technically.  Using the diagrams almost anyone can install and convert any car in a reasonable amount of time and for minimal costs to run on water and gas.

Purchasing and following through with the guidelines provided by Half Water Half Gas will diminish a person’s global footprint as the utilization of fossil fuels is reduced.  As new technology is invented, better and more efficient ways of improving people’s daily routines will result in less emissions and a cleaner environment.  Half Water Half Gas has taken a giant leap towards this end.

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Attributes Half Water Half Gas Remarks
Price This product sells for $67 which is a fraction of the cost for conversion kits found on the market starting around $600. How does the selling price of this product compare to similar products on the market?
Complaints No complaints have been made for Half Water Half Gas. Have any complaints been made against Half Water Half Gas?
Free Demo / Trial A free trial is not provided for the Half Water Half Gas system. Can I receive a free trial of the product offered by Half Water Half Gas?
International Worldwide Coverage Currently the system is only provided in the USA. What is the availability of this product? Is it available worldwide?
Informative & Practical to Apply The guide is easy to read including diagrams, photographs and video. How easy are the instructions to read? Are the instructions simply in text format?
Sale of Kit The kit is for individuals to assemble on their own and includes a guide. Layouts for assembly and location of suppliers for materials is not provided. What does the installation kit include? How do I find the materials required?
Installation of Kit The materials should between $50-100. How much should I expect the materials to cost me to assemble the conversion kit?
Product Delivery The kit is provided instantly in a digital format that can be downloaded. Once ordered, how should I expect to receive Half Water Half Gas's kit.
Guarantee & Refund A 60 day trial period is offered. If you are unhappy for any reason in that time you may receive a full refund. Do you offer a guarantee or do you have a refund policy?
Future Updates Any future updates in the first 36 months after purchase are provided FREE of charge. If future updates are made to the kit do I have to pay to receive them?
Background of Author The author Howard Hauk claims he is a fuel researcher and an environmentalist. Is the author of the content provided in the kit an experienced professional in the field?
Personal Usage No mention of Howard Hauk putting to use the preaching he has made on Half Water Half Gas. Has the author used what he teaches in the kit in his personal life? Has he put to use the steps he preaches?
Contact Toll Free Numbers Recently the Half Water Half Gas website has provided three 24/7 toll free numbers: UK: 0808 2380070 US: 888 7360041 AU: 1800 357380 Can I contact Half Water Half Gas by phone?
Help Desk & Service Support Recently the Half Water Half Gas website has provided a contact form. It is also noted that free technical support and online support are available 24/7. Do you provide a customer service for support by any means?
Testimonials Yes, testimonials can be found on the Half Water Half Gas website. Can I find any genuine testimonials on Half Water Half Gas's website?
FAQ on site Yes, an FAQ section can be found via the footer of the website. The FAQ section provides answers to customers who have not yet purchased the conversion system. A technical FAQ section is not available. Can I find a Frequently Asked Questions section to answer any concerns I may have?
Forum Unfortunately, no. Do you provide a Forum for customers to discuss your product and experiences with installing, using and benefiting from your product?
Actual Customer Testimonials "Howard,

Unbelievable man... These #$%#$ oil companies.
If I'd only knew about this a few years ago when I
got my BMW M3 I would have save a TON by now..."

Dan Grabowski

"77% better mileage on my BMW 2,5 Diesel
For my 2001 BMW 525D I've gone from
for $30 for 200 miles to $17.6 for 200 miles
+ 77%. great!"

Casandra Powell

Click Here To Visit Half Water Half Gas Website

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