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Gas Prices Rising? What If You Could Run Your Car On Water? 

Convert your car to use water and  increase milage by up to %40! You can now save hundreds of dollars a month! It's easy to make your gas car, diesel car or SUV a water fuel car. You will be using a DIY water fuel cell that you can make yourself for less than $100. Our top water car solution is Water4Gas. It's the most comprehensive step-by-step guide that was tested and tweaked for years to produce the best results. Using cheap and easy to find components, thousands of customers already used this system to convert their car to run on water .It's totally GUARANTEED to lower your MPG! Take it to a test drive now...

"We've reviewed every major "Convert your car to run on water" system on the market, and the Water4Gas guide is definitely the most effective, most tested course we have seen, and is guaranteed to give you results. They also don't make any bogus claims, just give you the facts as they are."

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Fuel trips

New ways of fueling automobiles have been introduced to the market with amazing potential.  But how many of these technologies are actually available to the market?  And, of the ones that are available, how many people can afford them?  A hybrid car can cost over $30,000 and that is a lot more than the average family intends to spend with the sole goal of saving on fuel costs.  Biodiesel automobiles offer the benefit of saving costs on fuel but do are not cost effective up front.  An organization known as Fuel Trips now provides an alternate means to saving costs on fuel without having to purchase a new automobile that contains hybrid technology.

Fuel Trips provides a product that guides you through producing a hydrogen fuel system that can be installed by anyone into any car.  They provide the plans to the method that creates a gas named HHO out of water and the production of an electrolyzer fuel cell.  This system can be installed on cars fueled by both gasoline or diesel and can improve mileage per gallon used in a car by as much as 65%.  In addition, your state may offer tax deductions for incorporating this fuel system as it is environmentally friendly.  For the car lovers out there that are in need for speed, the performance of your car is not lost, in fact the system has been shown to enhance your engine performance and boost the engine power.  The installation process is provided in a simple to follow and detailed manner than anyone can accomplish.

The product that Fuel Trips provides also comes with an essential home biodiesel kit, which teaches you how to make biodiesel in a simple method and cost effectively.  The course is provided in an audio format explaining the production of a home biodiesel fuel station.  By using biodiesel, a car’s engine can expect as much as half the normal wear and tear it encounters while being driven.  A directory of suppliers for the materials required is listed and the benefits of using biodiesel are detailed.

Fuel Trips also gives it’s customers a list of practical ways that fuel can be saved on a daily basis, also provided in an audio format.  From determining the mile per gallon usage of gasoline in your automobile to steps you can take to boost your fuel economy, this tip directory is your guide to saving you as much money as possible on fuel.

The product Fuel Trips offers costs a one time fee of $47.25.  For this cost it is practical and advantageous to make use of the technology that they have produced and put into a format that can be used by anyone.  If the hydrogen fuel system is implemented after purchasing, you will make your money back fairly quickly with the savings you will reap on the reduced gasoline consumption of your automobile.  For the skeptics out there there is a 60 day money back guarantee.  Take advantage of this practical guide and turn your gas guzzling automobile into an efficient water-gas hybrid.

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Attributes Fuel Trips Remarks
Price This product sells for $47.25 which is a fraction of conversion kits found on the market starting around $600. How does the selling price of this product compare to similar products on the market?
Complaints No complaints have been made. Have any complaints been made against Fuel Trips?
Free Demo / Trial We do not offer a Free Trial. Can I receive a free trial of the product offered by Fuel Trips?
International Worldwide Coverage The Kit is currently only sold in the USA. What is the availability of this product? Is it available worldwide?
Informative & Practical to Apply The instructions are provided in a step by step guide that is simple to read with diagrams, photographs and audio. How easy are the instructions to read? Are the instructions simply in text format?
Sale of Kit The kit includes a step by step guide on how to install the system and how to make a home based biodiesel station. The guide also provides a list of where parts can be purchased. What does the installation kit include? How do I find the materials required?
Installation of Kit The Fuel Trips website does not state the expected cost for materials in making the hydrogen kit. How much should I expect the materials to cost me to assemble the conversion kit?
Product Delivery The kit is provided instantly in a digital format. Once ordered, how should I expect to receive Fuel Trips's kit.
Guarantee & Refund A 60 day trial period is offered. If you are unhappy for any reason in that time you may receive a full refund. Do you offer a guarantee or do you have a refund policy?
Future Updates Any future updates for the system are provided FREE of charge. If future updates are made to the kit do I have to pay to receive them?
Background of Author The authors Jack Bell began his personal biodiesel shop in 2006 and has since taught numerous individuals regarding the benefits and usage of biodiesel. Is the author of the content provided in the kit an experienced professional in the field?
Personal Usage Jack Bell has taught many individuals how to make a biodiesel system and has successfully put his preaching into real life. Has the author used what he teaches in the kit in his personal life? Has he put to use the steps he preaches?
Contact Toll Free Numbers Unfortunately, no toll free number is provided but a P.O. mailing address and e-mail address are provided. Can I contact Fuel Trips by phone?
Help Desk & Service Support A customer service support center is not available but e-mail is provided for support purposes. Do you provide a customer service for support by any means?
Testimonials The website does not provide customer testimonials. Can I find any genuine testimonials on Fuel Trips's website?
FAQ on site Unfortunately, no. Can I find a Frequently Asked Questions section to answer any concerns I may have?
Forum Unfortunately, no. Do you provide a Forum for customers to discuss your product and experiences with installing, using and benefiting from your product?
Actual Customer Testimonials N/A

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