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Gas Prices Rising? What If You Could Run Your Car On Water? 

Convert your car to use water and  increase milage by up to %40! You can now save hundreds of dollars a month! It's easy to make your gas car, diesel car or SUV a water fuel car. You will be using a DIY water fuel cell that you can make yourself for less than $100. Our top water car solution is Water4Gas. It's the most comprehensive step-by-step guide that was tested and tweaked for years to produce the best results. Using cheap and easy to find components, thousands of customers already used this system to convert their car to run on water .It's totally GUARANTEED to lower your MPG! Take it to a test drive now...

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How To Convert Your Car to Run on Water

With petroleum prices rising, with no end to the inflation in sight, many people are wondering if they will continually be able to drive to work or if they will have to turn to public transportation simply because gasoline is too expensive.  Have you ever wondered why some vehicles boast 35 mpg fuel efficiency while yours gets less than 20 mph?  What if there was a way to increase the efficiency of your vehicle so that you could enjoy the savings that come with a fuel sipping automobile without paying thousands for “hybrid” technology.  The fact of the matter is that there is a possibility that even your old vehicle which you have relied on for years to get you around can easily be modified to run on much less petroleum, and partly on water.  That is right, there is a huge possibility that by using water to supplement your fuel, you could enjoy fuel savings, a cleaner burn, and more miles per gallon traveled.  Are you intrigued?  You should be.

The basic principal behind converting your car to run on water is not actually utilizing energy from the water itself.  If you were relying on water as a source of energy, you would actually be losing energy in the process it takes to convert water into flammable hydrogen and oxygen (aka HHO gas).  The fact of the matter is that, according to the laws of thermodynamics, a system is inherently inefficient and you cannot draw out more energy than you put in.  So, if someone suggested using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, then running the engine off these two gases, then using the energy in the hydrogen and oxygen to generate more electricity via the alternator in order to continually form more hydrogen and oxygen; this would be a complete farce because you cannot get more energy than you put in. 

So, what gives?  If you cannot expect to draw more energy from water than you pull from the engine by utilizing the alternator, how can you increase your mileage?  Wouldn't you realistically be losing energy?  Yes, you would be losing energy if you tried to run your car strictly on water.  But the way a hydrogen and oxygen electrolysis system works is it supplements your gasoline with a highly flammable mixture of gases that maximize the amount of energy utilized from the petroleum.  So, when a physicist attacks the idea of using water for fuel, you simply must tell them that they are correct in the assumption that you cannot gain more energy from the water itself than you lose during electrolysis, but the fact of the matter is that we are simply utilizing the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen created by electrolysis to increase the efficiency of the petroleum burn itself.

If you are skeptical, here are some numbers to consider.  The average internal combustion engine utilizes only 20% of the energy present in the fuel.  This means that 80% of that expensive gasoline that goes into your engine is lost as heat, noise, and even unburnt fuel particles.  Imagine what this means.  This means that if you could increase the amount of energy utilized from a given amount of fuel to a modest 30%, you would travel 50% further on a given amount of gas.  This means you would save 50% at the pump!  When you think about how inefficient engines are, you may wonder why big automobile manufacturers don't manufacture engines that get 50% efficiency.  The answer is that they are all subsidized by big oil companies.  That is right.  You are paying more at the pump to line the pockets of large oil barons who actually control the automobile technologies sector.  Sounds like a raw deal, does it not?  It is a raw deal, and the only way individuals can take the issue into their own hands is by modifying their engines to burn fuel more efficiently.  One way of doing this is by learning to run your car on water.

In order to convert your car to run on water, you will require a bit of technical know how as well as a plan.  Plans are readily available on the Internet, and if you are willing to do just a bit of research you will be repaid with savings at the pump within a matter of days.  You need only sacrifice your time with an open mind to learn how to modify your car to supplement its fuel burning efficiency with water. The water4gas course is the most comprehensive guide to teaching you how to do exactly that. Learn more here.

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